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Champagne Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle x Morgan Freeman

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Seventy years ago, Bernard de Nonancourt decided to look beyond the notion of vintages, with the aim to create “the perfect year”, the one that nature cannot provide on its own. In Champagne, vintages are showing a large variation of style, expression and quality. Bernard de Nonancourt observed that he could not rely on their single expression to create the Prestige Cuvée he was dreaming about. He was looking for a perfection that none of these vintages were individually providing to him.

The House has worked to recreate through each iteration the perfect year. Each iteration requires patience, time and skill before being revealed: patience to wait for the appropriate exceptional vintage years, and the time and skill necessary to reach the desired harmony and aromatic complexity. This additional maturation leads to a further expression of Grand Siècle displaying greater aromatic depth, density and a silkier texture.

Due to its difference in conception, it took a long time for Grand Siècle to be considered as a one of the very best champagnes in the world. After many decades, Grand Siècle has finally obtained recognition from the most well-known wine critics and is nowadays a benchmark reference within premium champagnes… “It takes time to become an icon”…

Laurent-Perrier is very proud and very honoured that Mr. Morgan Freeman agreed to become the face of Grand Siècle, its most exclusive Champagne Cuvée. “We, Laurent-Perrier, are different from our peers, or perceived as such. Our pursuit of excellence, because of our difference, has taken us more time, more effort, great perseverance and a strong belief in our vision to become recognised for what we do. It does takes time to become an icon: for us, nobody but Morgan Freeman could better embody that line and become the face of Grand Siècle.” Stéphane Dalyac, Champagne Laurent-Perrier President and CEO.

A worldwide media campaign
From September 26th 2023, the new creative advertising campaign will be launched in the US, in the UK, in Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Italy, both in print and digital and also in Nigeria only in digital.

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