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The new Champagne Taittinger global campaign staged and photographed by David Black

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To produce its new international campaign, Maison Taittinger called on David Black, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker and photographer whose work is known for its dramatic, provocative and Black & white infused aesthetic. David’s ability to create a mysterious and energetic atmosphere in his visuals has led to global campaigns in the field of music (he has collaborated among others with Daft Punk, The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams, Kendrick Lamar…), technology, fashion and documentary projects. His taste and artistic approach for depicting moments of happiness and celebration made him the ideal artist to express the spirit intended by the brand for their new campaign. “It’s the middle of the evening, everyone is enjoying the party, we can feel the excitement… An organized and spontaneous mess in the vein of the famous images of Studio 54 in the 70s.”

David Black answered our questions about the creative process behind the campaign.

Film from the Taittinger campaign by David Black © Team WHAAAT!

Could you tell us about the major stages that led you to your current artistic approach ?
Early on in my career, I collaborated with the French music duo Daft Punk. The work we created together for their album, Random Access Memories, had a significant impact on my growth as an artist. Working with Daft Punk allowed me to explore new visual languages and techniques, which I later incorporated into my fine art. I have produced several books and exhibitions as a result of this experimentation, with my latest project being Candy Mountain. Looking back, it was a special time in my career that felt entirely normal at the time.

What is your greatest source of inspiration ?
I love to collaborate with fearless and inspiring artists who share my deep love for the journey of creation. David Bowie once said that as an artist, you should push yourself further than you think you’re capable of going. When your feet no longer touch the bottom, you’re in the right place to create something truly exciting. I believe that this sense of boldness is rare in today’s world. When I met Vitalie [editor’s note: President of Maison Taittinger], I knew we were kindred spirits in our approach, and that together we would create something truly unique in the world of Champagne.

How did your first meeting with Taittinger occurred ?
I had traveled to Paris to attend a book signing event at the 0fr bookstore. While there, I met with Vitalie at the Taittinger office for a morning meeting. Little did I know that meeting would mark the beginning of a wonderful series of dinners, creative conversations, and trips to Caves Taittinger in Reims.

What was the brief from Maison Taittinger for their international campaign ? What common artistic intention emerged ?
During one of our discussions, Vitalie brought up a photograph I had taken of the musician Karen O, which captured silver glitter frozen in the air. Vitalie was immediately captivated by the image, as it reminded her of the epic black-and-white images of Studio 54 in the 1970s. We both felt that the energy of these photographs captured the spirit of Taittinger and who Vitalie is. As we continued to discuss these images and ideas, we eventually developed an international campaign.

How did you find the right balance between Taittinger’s brief and your own vision ?
Throughout the process, I felt that my artistic vision and Taittinger’s were synonymous. I worked closely with Vitalie, Clovis Taittinger [Deputy director general], and Jeremy Malabre [artistic director] throughout the process, and we were always aligned.

The shoot took place in Maison Taittinger’s historical private mansion in Reims, with Vitalie and Clovis Taittinger as well as some of the employees taking part in the game of appearing in the images of the campaign. The entire mansion was transformed for the shoot with hairdressing and fitting rooms on the upper floors, a catering area… Could you tell us about the atmosphere that reigned during the set and what we can fully feel in the images ?
On the day of the shoot, my goal was to create a cinematic world and an immersive experience. The Taittinger mansion in Reims provided the perfect historical and atmospheric setting. To set the right tone for the shoot, I made sure to incorporate sounds and electric effects. We were fortunate to have Yuksek providing the music, champagne flowing, stunning wardrobe and production design. Silver glitter falling from the ceiling over the dance floor added to the magical atmosphere. When Vitalie, Clovis, and the rest of the Taittinger team walked into the room, they were transported to a magically legendary evening.

This article was published on June 20th 2024.


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