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When Mellerio meets Goyard

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Once upon a time, there was a meeting between two legendary Maisons of the Place Vendôme… Maison Mellerio wanted a unique case to sublimate its latest collection of ten Color Queen rings. Very naturally, Mellerio approached the trunk-maker Goyard, also a family-owned and independent company that shares the same values. The depth of their history, their loyalty to their roots and a certain vision of French excellence linked to exceptional creativity and know-how are obvious to Mellerio, who launched the special order.

Maison Goyard, the oldest trunk-maker in Paris, and its neighbour, Mellerio dits Meller, itself known as the oldest jeweller in the world, together imagined the perfect case to house a collection of 10 Mellerio rings: the Color Queens. Designed by Laure-Isabelle Mellerio, they are a tribute to the Maison’s Italian roots and to the great period of inspiration and creativity that was the Renaissance, such an important period of the jeweller’s beginnings and its connivance with the greatest queens who have marked its extraordinary history, since 1613.

The richness, the preciousness and above all the refinement of the materials and their combinations, the extreme precision of the finishes applied by the two Maisons to their creations, make this collection of high jewellery and this made-to-measure trunk an enchantment.

The monogrammed fabric, fashioned by the Goyard workshops, the strength of the green and the finesse of the marking play with the reflections and depth of the golds. The purity of the stones in the center of the rings is confronted with the sliced paving in a gourmet and playful spirit. Mellerio, with the help of Goyard, wanted to offer the most enchanting and exquisite setting for these ten refined rings, the most beautiful case for queens for centuries to come.

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